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In mathematics, and more specifically in linear algebra, a linear subspace, also known as a vector subspace[1][2] is a vector space that is a subset of some larger vector space. A linear subspace is usually called simply a subspace when the context serves to distinguish it from other types of subspaces.

Now, the way I’ve come to understand it has evolved along these lines.

  • subspace of 2 dimensional space is 1 dimension. (A line)
    • If you cut two pieces of paper and intersect them the space where they are joined is the subspace
  • subspace of 3D space is 2D (n area)
    • A square on a game board
  • subspace of 4D space is 3D (a volume)
    • A bottle or a tunnel

And although we are able to perceive and record, measure and predict events in time, these are all the concepts of space we are able to collectively perceive and manipulate as a species.

We are not able to manipulate time as a space.

We are not collectively able as a species to achieve what is called:

in the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull “Perfect Speed”.

in Frank Herbert’s Dune it is “The Weirding Way” and “Folding Space”

in A Wrinkle in Time it is called “Tesseract”

in Warner Bros’ cartoon it is the Roadrunner’s ACME ink spot

in the series Fringe it is the ability to travel to another world

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